Thursday, 1 September 2011

Speak Now - Contents

Foreword—The Hon. Michael Kirby, AC, CMG
Love matters: Editor’s introduction—Victor Marsh

Why gay marriage?—Dennis Altman
Historical contexts for a very public Australian lesbian coupling—Barbara Baird
Out in the ACT—Andrew Barr and Anthony Toms
Christianity, marriage, love and friendship—Michael Carden
A history of freedom to marry in Australia—Rodney Croome AM
Married in Canada, living in Oz—Elaine Crump
Not so private lives—Sharon Dane
How to grow a lawn—Michelle Dicinoski
The ins and outs of marriage (and divorce)—Luke Gahan
Make my daughter equal—Evelyn Gray
Stuck on the mezzanine—Ryan Heath
‘On my 50 year anniversary I want a letter from the queen’—Lynne Hillier and Tiffany Jones
Thoughts of a marriage agnostic—Crusader Hillis
Head over falls in love—Walter Jennings
Tying the K(NOT)!—Tiffany Jones
I’m not even sure I really like rainbows—Benjamin Law
‘Are you and Ali married, Grandma?’—Rev. Dorothy McRae-McMahon
Gathering the pieces—Paul Martin
When worlds, happily, collide—Alyena Mohummadally and Catherine Roberts
Marriage at the edge—Chris Morgan
A brief history of relationship law reform in Australia—Wayne Morgan
Supporting same-sex marriage as a heterosexual, Bible-believing, Baptist Pastor—Rev. Nathan Nettleton
‘Messing up the couples cabinet’—Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
No more lame excuses—Kerryn Phelps AM
The racial politics of marriage claims—Damien W Riggs
Customs—Donald Ritchie
Love is not a threat—Wendell J Rosevear OAM
Our family—Lulu Shapiro and Jannine Lockyer
It makes no sense: Adoption by same-sex couples in Australia—Adiva Sifris & Paula Gerber
Dear Julia, the public supports gay marriage. Why won’t you?—Peter Tatchell
Greetings from the Isle of Lesbos—Yantra de Vilder
Working as a civil celebrant—Zenith Virago
I got married, some can’t. That’s not fair—Deb Wain
Respecting diversity and rights—Tim Wilson
Love triumphing over fear—Tim Wright


Legal recognition of same-sex couples in the countries of the world: a chronological overview—Kees Waaldijk

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