Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Conservative Christians fight back...

Responding to surveys suggesting that suggest that 53% of people identifying as Christian support same-sex marriage, a large group of church leaders are lobbying Federal politicians not to change the Marriage Act.

These leaders include the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Peter Jensen, the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney George Pell, Lutheran Church president Mike Semmler, Orthodox Archbishop of Australia Paul Sliba, Salvation Army commissioner Raymond Finger and Presbyterian moderator-general David Jones.

MPs were due to report report to parliament today on their consultations with constituents to gauge support for same-sex marriage.  Support -- and opposition -- was noted from all sides.

Catholic Labor MP Graham Perrett said he supported a change to recognise gay marriage because it would protect young gay people from abuse.  Mr Perrett has two gay brothers.  He said his Catholic faith was a “private matter” and he had no qualms about speaking out in support of gay marriage.

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